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AIBEST's Position on Waiving University Student Fees

AIBEST has issued an official statement to the Permanent Commission on Education and Science of the 44th National Assembly and the Ministry of Education and Science opposing the bill to waive student fees for higher education.

This statement is supported by BASSCOM, BAIT, BESCO, and PARAi.

As organizations representing fast-growing companies, our most serious concern regarding the proposed changes is the potential reversal of policies designed in recent years to promote priority majors crucial for future job markets. These policies were introduced to reflect current and future labor market dynamics and to encourage the training of students in specialties where there is a high shortage of qualified workforce. Eliminating fees across all fields and specialties could undermine efforts to encourage students to pursue fields that are vital for future labor market needs, which would have significant negative effects on the country's economic development.

The proposed changes did not gain the support of the members of the Parliamentary Commission and will not be approved at this time. However, we will continue to advocate for reforms in higher education aimed at improving its quality and to facilitate constructive dialogue between the government, higher education institutions, and the business community when proposing such changes.

The full statement text can be accessed here.
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