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Top managers, the education system and the municipality help in convincing young talent to stay in Burgas

The local authority and AIBEST discussed the possibilities of attracting more companies from the innovations industry to the city

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov started off the second event of the national roadshow of the Association of Innovations, Business Services and Technologies (AIBEST), which took place in Burgas. The forum, organized under the motto "The path to your success", met top managers from reputable companies in the field of outsourcing technology with local authorities, educational institutions, students and pupils. In the International Congress Center, the latest trends in the outsourcing sector and the career opportunities they open up for students and pupils were shown off. The meeting began with a round table, in which the main emphasis was on the business environment in the city, its development and opportunities for mutual cooperation

This is the second stop of the third edition of the national roadshow, which once again gathered great interest. The initiative is a tripartite partnership between businesses, educational institutions and local government, represented respectively by AIBEST, universities and schools from the city and Burgas Municipality.

Useful advice and inspiring stories about the path to success were presented by executives from the companies Pontica Solutions, EXL, Sutherland Bulgaria, DIGITALL, Accedia, Proxiad SEE, EPAM Systems Bulgaria EOOD. They revealed important facts about the technology and innovations markets and talked about the most important qualities that students and pupils need to develop in order to be competitive. Business representatives pointed out that working from anywhere in the world has long been an option in the BPO and IT industries and location does not determine success. At the meeting with the municipal authorities, the members of the Association also discussed the possibilities of attracting more companies from the innovations industry to the city. The idea is to support the development of a sustainable economy in the regions, which would ensure good career growth at international companies without the need for employees to change their location.

"The Municipality of Burgas makes a big effort to create a good material base, conditions and competitiveness among young people so that they can develop. Before this meeting, we discussed the deadlines for the construction of a new educational building for our digital high school. It will follow a hybrid model with accommodation because there are many students from other places in the country studying with us. There will also be new laboratories that will contribute to making education better", said mayor Dimitar Nikolov and added that he relies on AIBEST’s good work because it benefits young people.

"We unite some of the largest employers in the Bulgarian market. The goal is to organize meetings between businesses and the local administration, educational structures, respectively students and pupils and to tell them about the opportunities for professional growth that the industry offers. We look forward to these meetings with young talent, because their usefulness is two-sided - we have something to share about the business from the inside, and at the same time we discover motivated young people who can one day be part of our teams. The biggest benefit is that they start working in companies situated in Burgas or offer remote work, respectively, these children stay here", commented the executive director of AIBEST Natalia Shishkova - Georgieva.

The AIBEST national roadshow started last week with meetings in the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and the University of Veliko Tarnovo "St. St. Cyril and Methodius". So far, the joint forums for education and business, supported by local authorities, have also been hosted by the Thracian University in Stara Zagora and the American University in Blagoevgrad. Due to the great interest in the initiative, in addition to the traditional destinations, the organizers plan to include new cities in their roadshow.


The Association of Innovation, Business Services and Technology (AIBEST) is an independent industry organization which strives to develop Bulgaria as a leader in the field of knowledge-intensive products, services and solutions and as a global destination for educated talent. The association unites companies from all parts of the modern business services industry - BPO, ITO, R&D centers or SSC (shared service centers).
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