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AIBEST: The tech companies in Bulgaria are ready to actively support the government in restricting COVID-19

The Association for innovation, business excellence, services and technology (AIBEST) is taking measures to guarantee the safety of the employees of its members.
The Association for innovation, business excellence, services and technology (AIBEST) is voicing its support for the actions of the government, the responsible state authorities and all involved medical practitioners working on restricting the spreading of COVID-19 in Bulgaria. AIBEST values highly the declared state of emergency by the Bulgarian parliament.

AIBEST will contribute to the initiatives dealing with the COVID-19 and is open to discuss different ways for tight cooperation between the government and the tech sector. The association’s members are ready to mobilize the needed resources. We believe the tech companies in Bulgaria can have a deciding role in the common efforts put into dealing with the crisis.

In a crisis situation like the one we have currently, we need a rational outlook, peace of mind as well as measured and planned steps on behalf of the business, government and the citizens, in order for the risk to be controlled and for the health status of every person to be preserved.

The member companies of AIBEST have already set crisis plans and detailed protocols in motion. They are constantly monitoring and analyzing the situation. From the very first signals of the corona virus practice days have been organized, aiming to test the sustainability of the processes as well as the teams’ safety. Working from home is being widely promoted and encouraged. Travel has been limited. Colleagues, who have travelled to affected regions, are required to be quarantined for 14 days.

The offices of AIBEST’s member companies have undertaken all needed measures, including clearly stated information on the hygienic requirements at the workplace as well as some rules and recommendations to the employees as to how to protect themselves, their colleagues and families. The sanitation of office spaces is extremely strict and takes place regularly. Some companies have taken the initiative to conduct info sessions with virologists via conference calls in order to address all questions and to clear up the ambiguity surrounding the COVID-19 as well as some of the employees’ concerns. There are teams assigned to lead this process and are tasked with providing timely information.

We are facing a number of uncertainties. The already imposed restrictions on multiple markets are influencing the supply chain of the big companies, the overall speed of business as well as the consumption. A crisis situation of this sort requires urgent audits of the effectiveness of the internal company processes, the sustainability of the crisis plans and last, but not least – the readiness of the business, the country and the society to work together in order to minimize the negative effects.

AIBEST is ready to work together with the government, the responsible institutions and experts to develop actionable measures, including technological ones, which aim to help the business and the society to overcome the restrictions and minimize the losses, cause by the COVID-19. Working from home, allowing flexible working hours, as well as fiscal incentives for the small and medium enterprises are only part of the initiatives, which we are open to discuss and develop together with the responsible institutions.
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