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AIBEST in 2021

A Year of Growth, New Opportunities, and New Friends

AIBEST was a reliable partner in providing you with valuable market insights

  • We released the 5th edition of the AIBEST annual report
  • We shared the key findings of SEE industry development, the final report will be presented at SEE ITS Summit on April 8, 2022

Our industry continues to be a preferred employer and a major investor in education

  • AIBEST supported you in vaccination of your employee when vaccines were still limited
  • More than 3000 talents across the whole country got vaccinated in March and April 2021
  • AIBEST connected you with high school students and you guided them in the development of their career path
  • Together we launched the 3rd edition of our joint Master program in partnership with Sofia University

We are leading the digitalization and development of the Bulgarian economy

  • Contributed 6.6% to Bulgarian GDP
  • We expanded our partnerships with local authorities
  • We supported the establishment of the Southeast Digital Innovation hub in Burgas
  • We were the driver for legislative changes to support your growth and keep your interests
  • We proactively gave advice to state authorities for the Recovery and Resilience Plan
  • We initiated the establishment of a standing committee in the National Assembly on Digitalization, Information Technology, and Innovation

We grew bigger and more influential

  • We’ve achieved a 10% increase in our member network
  • We were in the media more than 300 times

We shared knowledge, expertise, and fun together

  • 6 dedicated webinars on hot industry topics
  • AIBEST Annual Summit in Stara Zagora
  • AIBEST Annual industry report event
  • We had a great Christmas fun at the end of a great year together

Wishing you all the best in 2022!

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