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The business services industry and the technological community in Bulgaria have developed a platform in support of refugees from Ukraine

Since 24th of February, Day 1 of the war in Ukraine, an initiative #BG4UA “Bulgaria for Ukraine” started working on processes and implementation of support of the Ukrainian families running away from the terror. It was raised by Bulgarian based entrepreneurs, tech community members and friends of Ukraine.
Started as an open platform for assistance for evacuation for those who choose Bulgaria as a temporary home, help for accommodation and gathered almost 4000 volunteers- people and organizations from all over the country, who offer their houses, voluntary work and support of critical goods and services. We built up a volunteers-based call-center that accommodates and supports Ukrainians in their first moments in Bulgaria.
Today, 21 days later, The BG4A accommodation matchmaking service has now moved to the official portal of the Government of Bulgaria. Working in close connection to provide sustainable, centralized and integrated solution.
Now, together with BCause Foundation, we’re launching a donations campaign because more Ukrainians will need our compassion. Our goal is to provide the most human acceptance of refugees from Ukraine and to give them a fair chance for a new start in Bulgaria. The donations will be used for the following: 
  • Provision of critical immediate support and critical goods-accommodation and settling-in, food, clothes, medicines, daily expenses, legal support, medical services, psychological support
  • Extremely important initiatives for immediate integration of the children of Ukraine in the Bulgarian education and social system- through opening and organizing children activities groups, language and adaptation courses to our edu-system
The initiative is led by a Board of Initiators and is actively supported by the organizations they represent & thousands of volunteers. Decisions on allocating the donations will be taken in unanimity by the Board of initiators where AIBEST is a proud Member:
The companies and organizations, represented by the initiators will support the initiative with volunteer services, expertise and donation. The Board of initiators will donate in their name the management expenses of BCause Foundation and has set the goal at BGN 250 000 (EUR 128K) and can manage donations up to BGN 1M (EUR 511K).
I, Ilia Krustev, Chairman of Our Association would like to appeal for Your support to this humanitarian crisis. These people are part of our communities.
Let’s show our compassion, let’s put all our strength together and show that the sector of business innovations and technology will not stand away!
Link to the donation campaign: https://platformata.bg/en/kauzi/1544:bg4ua/details/campaign.html

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