About the webinar
Over the last decade, the sourcing sector has been among the fastest-growing in most SEE countries. The bulk of the companies in the region are less than 10 years old. Nearly a third of all active sourcing providers were set up in the most dynamic period 2012-2016 alone. Albeit at a decelerating rate, the trend continued afterward with 68 newly created sourcing companies since 2019.

Furthermore, our industry reinforced its position of the preferred employer, which is evidenced by the increasing employee costs and taxes paid by the companies.

Join us on the 7th of December at 4 p.m. EET to learn more about the industry development within the last year and be part of the dedicated discussion covering the following topics:

- What are the main conclusions and forecasts presented in the annual analysis of the industry?
- What was the market's impact on the region?
- What are the conclusions in terms of regional expansion of our industry?
Panel Discussion Participants
Vesselin Dimitrov - Moderator
Chief Editor, Forbes
Iliа Krustev
Chairman of the Board of AIBEST
Naiden Kostadinov
Partner, Ernst & Young Bulgaria
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