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About the webinar
2019 was another year of growth for the technology and business services industry in Bulgaria. The total profit of the companies operating in this sector climbed 8.4% y/y to EUR 252.1 mln, contributing to a record-high net profit for the five-year period since 2015.

The industry reinforced its position of preferred employer, which is evidenced by the increasing number of people working in the sector and the rising employee costs and taxes paid by the companies. Our sector employed more than 77,950 people at the end of 2019, up by 5,536 as compared with 2018. The share of the sourcing companies in the country's total labour costs has been growing steadily in the last five years, to reach 9.3% of total salaries and 7.4% of the social security contributions paid in 2019.

Join us on the 10th of December to learn more about the industry development within the last year and be part of the dedicated discussion covering topics like:
- What are the main conclusions for key industry stakeholders from the facts and forecasts presented in the annual analysis of the industry;
- Will people return to the offices or will they have new functions for the future;
- Is the lack of talent the real threat to growth or the new way we have to work;
- What are the main reasons for the industry to be still focused mainly in Sofia.
Iglika Yordanova
Managing Partner, Colliers
Ilia Krustev
Chairman, AIBEST
Ivan Rusev
Head of Software Development, EDQ Sofia, Experian
Kristina Ivanova
General Manager and Vice President Operations, TELUS International Europe
Stefan Stoyanov
Deputy Mayor "Education and business development", Plovdiv
Vesselin Dimitrov
Editorial Director, Forbes Bulgaria
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