AIBEST Talks is the podcast of the Association for innovation, business excellence, services, and technology.
In the episodes throughout the year, we will give insights on the development of the industry and will be discussing with key stakeholders industry-relevant topics such as education and talent development, best business practices, innovation and trends, and many more.
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Episode 15
From service to product

We talk about how companies can move from service to product and the challenges and advantages of the process. The recording is live from the AIBEST SEE ITS Summit 2022.
Episode 14
The necessary legislative changes in the process of hiring people

We are talking to Milena Ilieva from A Data Pro and Milena Blagoeva from EY about the necessary changes in the legislation for hiring people: be it for citizens outside the EU (including Russia and Ukraine) and the EU in Bulgaria. Another topic for this conversation is the remote work regulation.
Episode 13

The Summit is a high-profile meeting for senior decision-makers – a platform for discussion of the latest trends and opportunities in the sector that looks to discover the latest, forward-looking strategies. The event is presented by Dobromir Ivanov (Chairman of BESCO) and Ilia Krastev (Chairman of AIBEST).
Episode 12
Industry of Knowledge's expectations from the new government

What actions are needed by the government to develop the knowledge economy in our country? In the new episode of our podcast, we talk with the chairpersons of BESCO and AIBEST - Dobromir Ivanov and Ilia Krastev.
Episode 11
Post-COVID changes and workplace stress

In this episode, Mariya Stoeva from Manpower and Slavi Stoev from InManagement are sharing their experience with the workplace in the context of the new reality. Our guests are also sharing some stress relief ideas.
Episode 10
How did the pandemic affect the outsourcing industry?

In this episode, you can learn key data from AIBEST's annual report, presented in the begging of November 2021cand will find out how the industry performed in the previous year.
Despite this highly uncertain period, sourcing managed to keep its growth rate in the double digits. The industry was among the few to grow during the pandemic and boosted its contribution to Bulgaria's real GDP by 6.6% in 2020, or EUR 3.3 bln.
Episode 9
Will the robots take our jobs?

In this episode, we are talking to Iriney Stoynev from Modis and Vladimir Petkov from A Data Pro about whether robots will take our jobs and how long it takes for the investment in automation and artificial intelligence to pay off.
Episode 8
Startups - an opportunity to accelerate business transformations

Recording of the panel discussion from the annual meeting of AIBEST in Stara Zagora. An hour in which you can learn more about the startup ecosystem and the digitalization of municipalities and processes. Participants are Dobromir Ivanov from BESCO (moderator), Julieta Dimitrova (executive director of Pro Dron Sys), Gencho Kerezov (Deputy Mayor for Digitalization of Sofia), Ilian Enev, and Daniel Lorer.
Episode 7
In this episode, we are talking with Maya Peycheva-Takeva from HPE about the offices' reopening and the development of human resources during and after COVID. Ivaylo Hristov from DEV.BG (the largest portal for IT job postings) will tell us more about the state of the labor market this summer.
Episode 6
In this episode, we are talking with Ivan Rusev from Experian how a global company could adjust their working process to home office and what are the challenges.
Episode 5
In this episode, we are talking to Dobromir Ivanov from BESCO and Iliya Krastev from AIBEST about the business expectations of the new government after the elections.
Episode 4
In this episode, we talk about diversity and inclusion in the work environment. How to work with different people, teams so that no one feels isolated and everyone gets a fair career development
Episode 3
What do you need in terms of skills and knowledge to start working in the sector?

In this episode, we talk in short interviews with three experts about what we need to get started in the knowledge industry in Bulgaria.
First with Ivaylo Bonev from Technokrati for the education of children in IT and similar industries. With Assoc. Prof. Dr. Atanas Georgiev, Dean of the Faculty of Economics for the Master's degree Outsourcing projects and companies, which is developed jointly with AIBEST.
Then with Milena Ilieva, who heads the working group at AIBEST for HR and Education.
Episode 2
Where has the industry developed in the last year?

In this episode, you can learn key data from AIBEST's annual report, presented in December 2020 and will find out how the industry performed in the previous year. The discussion is led by Veselin Dimitrov from Forbes and includes Ilia Krustev, Chairman of AIBEST, Kristina Ivanova from Telus International, Iglika Yordanova from Coliers, Ivan Rusev from Experian and Stefan Stoyanov, Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv in the field of education and development.
Episode 1
In this first episode of the AIBEST Talks we have our Board of Directors discussing the mission and the vision of the Association and sharing insights on who they are and why they joined the Management Team of AIBEST.
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