SEE Sourcing Industry Report 2023

The SEE Sourcing Industry Report 2023 was prepared in September 2023.
Bulgaria and Romania maintain their central role in the sourcing sector of Southeast Europe (SEE), hosting the majority of its businesses. The capitals, Sofia and Bucharest, serve as the primary hubs for sourcing in the region, together accommodating over 40% of all SEE operations.

As the sourcing sector continues to grow, it is expanding beyond the capital cities into other large urban centers such as Cluj-Napoca in Romania, and Bulgaria's Plovdiv and Varna.

New entrants are continuously populating the market, with more than 176 new ventures established since 2019. Nearly 80% of these newcomers originate from either Bulgaria or Romania, emphasizing their pivotal role in the region's knowledge economy.

Foreign investors play a crucial role in the sector, with almost half of the SEE vendors being owned by foreign legal entities or individuals. These investors come from 62 different countries, with the USA, Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands leading the way.

SEE-registered sourcing vendors are expanding their reach beyond their home markets, encouraging investment activity within the region and broadening their regional presence. Slovenia is at the forefront of outbound investments within the SEE region, followed by Serbia and Bulgaria.
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