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The Foundation of TELUS International Bulgaria supports nine new socially significant projects

On November 24, the Foundation's jury held a meeting to evaluate and rank socially significant projects aimed at supporting local communities. The nine selected projects, out of more than 100 submitted in response to the second call for applications this year. They will collectively receive funding exceeding 120,000 BGN and support local communities across Bulgaria, in the fields of healthcare, education, and the environment.

Find our more about the supported projects:

Alzheimer Bulgaria Association
Project: Non-medication Therapies to Preserve Cognitive Abilities

The association addresses the need for additional training of specialists in non-medical approaches when communicating with individuals with dementia. The project aims to train and motivate 20 students and professionals in supporting the quality of life for the elderly, particularly those with dementia. The approach includes four non-medication therapies: storytelling art therapy (Story2remember), dementia dog therapy (Dementia Dog Friends), musical therapy, and art therapy exploring cultural heritage.

New Ruse Nonprofit Center - Ruschuk.BG
Project: Establishment of the Specialty "Restoration of Old Wooden Windows"

In collaboration with the Professional High School of Woodworking and Interior Architecture in Ruse, the organization will create a platform for students to specialize as restorers of old wooden windows in buildings designated as architectural monuments. The project involves implementing restoration methodologies, improving energy efficiency of old glass, and preserving architectural masterpieces, thus reducing carbon emissions associated with producing new ones.

Art Bureau Foundation
Project: Play Me a Tale

This project aims to create an environment fostering imagination and encouraging knowledge accumulation in deaf and hearing-impaired children. The project includes adapting six literary tales into sign language with the help of a team of specialists and theater students, filming theatrical versions of the stories, and actors visiting literature classes in specialized schools. The video materials will be available online as educational resources for teachers and students nationwide, potentially expanding into a regular practice for other classes and subjects.

"Dokova and Dokov for Future" Foundation
Project: "Educational LEGO® Education Activities for Children with Special Educational Needs and Psychological Support for Parents at the 'Smiles' Child Center"

Introducing a globally recognized best practice to enhance the educational development of children with special educational needs, promoting inclusion and socialization skills. The project also provides psychological support for parents of children with Down syndrome. Weekly and monthly group activities, following the LEGO® Education methodology, will be conducted at the "Smiles" Child Development Center for children aged 3-16, many of whom are at risk or have Down syndrome.

EMPROOVE Foundation
Project: "I CAN: Awakening the Female Power"

Addressing the issue of violence in all its forms and dimensions affecting society as a whole. The project focuses on attracting and training community partners nationwide, especially in rural areas where the topic remains largely taboo. The initiative introduces the "I CAN" approach, including practical exercises and examples from therapists and personal stories. The supporting network for girls and women affected by violence in areas without crisis centers will be expanded.

Association of Parents of Children with Kidney Diseases
Project: "Expansion of Nephrological Support for Children from Small Villages"

The project includes screening for nephrological diseases in 500 children from five villages in Southwest and North Bulgaria, distant from major cities and nephrology specialists. Approximately 10% of children in the country are estimated to have unidentified and untreated kidney or urological diseases. Diagnosed children and their parents will be directed to specialists for further treatment. The project aims to produce a comprehensive analysis report, facilitating ongoing changes in healthcare and prevention for children.

"Sineva - 2020" Cultural Center, Sinemorets Village
Project: "Green Sinemorets 2.0"

This project deepens practical activities to reduce the use of single-use plastic in the village of Sinemorets, initiated during the first edition in 2022, funded by the TELUS International Bulgaria foundation. The goal is to significantly decrease dependence on plastic products for both locals and visitors. Activities include creative workshops using recycled materials, film screenings in partnership with various organizations, and beach cleanup events on three different wild beaches.

Association for Shared Learning ELA
Project: "TeenTeams"

Born out of the "Stop Frame - Group Work to Tackle School Violence" project funded by the Community Board in 2022, the idea identified the need for practical class-level activities to address aggression in schools. Activities for twelve classes will be facilitated by ELA's specialists at the Green Educational Center in Stargel Village. The team will also work with teachers and educational counselors to introduce them to the methodology and maintain a collaborative and non-violent atmosphere in the classrooms.

"First Three Minutes" Foundation
Project: "My School is Number 1 - Creation of an integrated public automated defibrillation program"

The foundation will implement as pilot a global best practice for placing Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and providing training for students, teachers, and staff at the National Financial and Economic High School in Sofia. The integrated public defibrillation program aims to showcase a safe and secure environment for modern first aid in case of cardiac arrest. Training in first aid for cardiac arrest will be organized for all students, teachers, and non-teaching staff at the school. Groups of students and teachers will be prepared to continue conducting training sessions.

This year, the foundation of TELUS International Bulgaria distributed a total of 170,000 BGN among 14 projects supporting local communities nationwide in the fields of healthcare, education, and the environment. Since its establishment in 2015, the TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board Foundation has financed 166 projects with nearly 1.5 million BGN. In 2021, the foundation's work was recognized with the "Best Donor Program" award at the Annual Awards of the Bulgarian Donor Forum.

The next call for applications from civil organizations will be announced in the first quarter of 2024.
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