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A new family room for premature babies has opened its doors in Pleven with the help of TELUS International Good-Doers!

A new modern and fully equipped family room has opened its doors in the Medical and Social Care Centre - Pleven. 🎉 The cozy space was built by the 'Our Premature Children' Foundation with the financial support of TELUS International Bulgaria, within our volunteer initiative TELUS Days of Giving.

The center provides highly specialized support for children with chronic diseases, prematurity, disabilities, and physical and mental difficulties. Over 100 premature babies from the Pleven region receive care there annually, with approximately three families per month expected to use the new family room.

Our Premature Children Foundation has taken care of every detail in the furnishings and provided extensive informational materials to help parents within the first days of a premature infant’s growth and development. 💜

'Every baby deserves the opportunity to be in their parents' arms until they are old enough to leave the hospital ward. For this reason, our support for building a family room in Pleven was one of our most emotional causes, part of TELUS Days of Giving 2021. We wish health and a carefree childhood to the little heroes of Bulgaria!', says Kristina Ivanova, Vice President Operations for TELUS International Europe and Director for Bulgaria.
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