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CULTURAMA: bringing culture and technology to the next level

Accenture Bulgaria received special recognition from the b2b annual awards: 1st place at the ‘Business project of the year’ with Culturama platform – dedicated to bringing culture and technology to the next level.

What is Culturama? A special partnership between Accenture Bulgaria and the Cultural Perspectives Foundation, dedicated to developing a modern platform and bringing art closer to modern technology. The project integrates the most recent technologies in the field of culture, promoting a new way to support the art industry and Bulgarian distinguished artists. It actively involves Accenture’s tech team in creating the concept and implementation.

The challenge: to provide an opportunity for cultural Bulgarian talents to shine on a stage as no one has ever seen before. Culturama platform, owned by the Foundation, emerged due to the lack of its own innovative exhibition space. Its key objective was to achieve synergy with the target audience and, as a next step – reach a larger audience and engage it.

Culturama Ver.1.0. In 2021, the newly developed Culturama platform hosted the application process for the national scholarship "With efforts to the stars". A total of nearly 400 projects in 5 fields of art - visual arts, music, literature, dance, and theatre/performance - were submitted. The top 5 were selected by an expert jury in the art and culture field and received a scholarship. The project’s partners helped to raise awareness and create artists’ contact network. Around 60% of the funding was provided by Accenture.

Developing the platform was the first and most crucial step that would be regularly upgraded through implementing new technologies, such as Project Avatar. The idea behind its creation was very complex and time-consuming. Accenture’s teams developed it by using On the Bleeding edge technologies, such as NFTs, VR/AR/XR, 3D shooting and VR streaming. The implementation was divided into two phases. To this moment, only the first one has been finalized. It included the platform creation and the integration of the regular features – Forms, CMS, Online store, Payment providers integrity, and overall infrastructure of the website. All of these features provided independence for the Foundation and therefore – efficiency in the process management.

Culturama Ver.2.0. The joint Culturama project was the first step to the establishment of Accenture as a side-specific art space. In the second phase, the team shall implement new features, focusing mostly on the blend between the two industries.

As a next step, Accenture plans on integrating VR technologies within the Culturama digital platform. It would provide an opportunity for visiting a virtual exhibition. The arts of work within the gallery would be developed by artists, supported by the Foundation. Just like any other museum, this one will also have a gift shop where visitors can purchase anything they like. 
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