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Pontica Solutions’ CEO and co-founder Ivan Georgiev attended the 23rd SSOW event in Lisbon

Ivan Georgiev, CEO and co-founder of the BPO and IT outsourcing company Pontica
Solutions and esteemed member of AIBEST, attended the 23rd Shared Services and
Outsourcing Week - Europe in Lisbon. The event presents one of the largest networking
opportunities in Europe. 400+ world-class experts and speakers and 200+ leading brands
gather to share know-how and insights in the outsourcing industry and discuss growth-led

The annual meeting lasted for 3 whole days, from May 22 to 24, and included multiple
conferences, keynote sessions and workshops, offering a deep dive into the latest trends,
emerging technologies, and best practices that are revolutionizing the outsourcing
landscape. The active exchange of ideas and strategies makes it the ideal hub for ambitious
businesses like Pontica Solutions, who were recently included in the Financial Times/Statista
ranking list of the top 1000 fastest-growing European companies. Living up to its reputation,
the outsourcing company actively invests in the development and improvement of their
services and continues to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions to their global partners.
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