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Proxiad Takes a Significant Step in the Digital Transformation of the Energy Sector

At the end of last year, Proxiad Group became a big shareholder at CSN Energy - the French startup that is revolutionizing the digitalization and decentralization of the energy market. Together the two companies will work on developing applications and digital tools intended to help corporations and individual customers reduce their carbon footprint and thus contribute to the global efforts for a greener future.
The partnership with CSN began in 2019, with an established dedicated R&D team in Bulgaria, working on the SaaS platform called WeDeex.
WeDeex is a vertically integrated SaaS platform, packed with the full range of energy supply features (from supply management to billing). It gives people and organizations the freedom of distribution and transition projects in their own way. The platform manages transactions across all common operations, from upstream (production) to downstream (billing and customer management).
Initially the team of Proxiad Bulgaria composed of C#.Net developers was working on WeDeex Market and Invoicing modules but soon it was integrated in the French development center covering all features of the platform: network data acquisition, customer management, market access, dashboards, green trading and billing.

As a fast-growing and innovative start-up, CSN Energy is creating a digital platform for transactional management of energy supply. The flexibility and scalability provided by Proxiad, together with the strong technical background of their consultants, has positioned them as a trusted partner that managed to quickly build two Scrum teams, delivering full stack solutions that follow our architectural IT landscape.” - Alexandre Gazuit, CTO, CSN Energy
Founded in 2012 and based in Paris, CSN Energy is a French start-up company specialized in automatization of all processes for energy suppliers and producers. The company designs innovative solutions that enable market players to empower their customers and shape the future of energy towards a more distributed system. Our mission is to make CSN Energy one of the major companies for energy transition.
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