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The Foundation of TELUS International Bulgaria Empowers Emprove's Innovative Chatbot for Women's Support

We are happy to announce the successful fruition of a collaborative project, financially supported by the TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board Foundation in 2022. In a noteworthy stride toward women's empowerment and community support against violence and toxicity, the Emprove Foundation has officially launched its groundbreaking chatbot, "Emprove," now available on Viber. This innovative digital advisor is the first of its kind in Bulgaria, marking the significant engagement and contribution of the Foundation of TELUS International Bulgaria to yet another very meaningful cause.

The Emprove Foundation and Rakuten Viber launched the chatbot that supports not only women but also the general public in a problem that directly or indirectly affects every person - recognizing and dealing with the so-called toxicity and emotional and physical violence in relationships. The chatbot uses a wealth of informative resources from the experience database of the Emprove Foundation's therapists, mentors, and community – including the true personal stories and advice of the Women Survivors. The main topics on which women and their loved ones can consult with the chatbot range from early signs of abuse to receiving support after leaving a toxic relationship. The Emprove chatbot sheds light on a long-postponed conversation, providing a safe space for people to freely talk about it.

The digital advisor is a convenient and effective way for users to learn about the topic that affects every third woman in Bulgaria, meaning it inevitably affects us all. Thanks to technological advancement like this one, women will now have the tools to learn what are the right steps to take if they happen to have a friend, relative, or colleague who is quietly struggling with emotional or physical abuse. In addition to Q&As, videos, helpful guides, and true personal stories, the chatbot serves as an invaluable source of inspiration for women to awaken their untapped strengths and potential.

"No one should be left alone to deal with the hardship of getting out of toxic relationships and moving on with their lives for good. So let's be more informed and be the right support to women who need that. Let’s awaken our potential to initiate change around us - in our personal lives and in the lives of our loved ones." - said the chatbot creators.

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Emprove's mission is to raise awareness of the earliest signs of violence in relationships, change public attitudes, and support women and girls who have survived violence. The foundation's activities include public campaigns for early prevention and awareness, free psychological and legal support for women survivors of violence, coaching, events, trainings, group therapy sessions, art initiatives, as well as building the already mentioned community of #WomenSurvivors, who are now the support group to other women on their way to change and create a new life.
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