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SoftServe won an award from the Employer Branding Awards for creating diversity and inclusion in the IT sector with EmpowerU

During the seventh edition of the Employer Branding Awards, organized by b2b media, the digital IT company SoftServe was honored for its work in the direction of equality and diversity in the IT sector.

The award is a result of the EmpowerU program, featuring free IT courses and additional learning resources based on the vast experience of SoftServe Academy. EmpowerU aims to ensure equal opportunities and inclusion in the IT sector for people from different social and minority groups, disabled and disadvantaged people.

EmpowerU participants not only develop their technical skills but also improve their soft skills and enrich their knowledge by working with mentors. Each participant's needs are addressed with additional meetings, tasks, and discussions. The program uses online platforms and digital resources, making it accessible to participants from all over the country.

In November 2023 the first group in the "Software Testing" course has ended, and the organizers are already planning the next editions of the program. After successful completion of the course, participants possess knowledge and skills that enable them to start their IT career in the relevant field.

From the point of view of business, the results that the program achieves benefit the environment – a culture of inclusion, equality is developed, stereotypes are broken, and equal opportunities are created for everyone.

In the preparation of EmpowerU, SoftServe has also partnered with various organizations working with people with disabilities and understanding their needs and educational needs, including the Center for Independent Living. Apart from Bulgaria, EmpowerU also takes place in other SoftServe locations such as Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Colombia, Mexico and Chile, making it a global equality initiative.
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