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Proxiad Bulgaria Recognizes 15 ProxiVeterans

15 years in business is a huge milestone for every company and certainly an occasion for throwing a big party.

This year Proxiad Bulgaria marked its 15th Birthday and the party wasn't just a time to celebrate the success of the company over the years but also to recognize the people who have made this possible - all Proxiad employees.

That is why we took some dedicated time to give very special thanks to those who have been with the company since the beginning - a.k.a. our ProxiVeterans.

Coincidence (or not) there are 15 people who have been part of the Proxiad family for over 10 years - some as long as for 13 years - who received a gift handed personally by the company's owners.

It's a well-known fact that staying for such a long time at an IT company is very rare these days which is why we are extremely proud to have such loyal talented people - Thank you again!

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