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Pontica Solutions successfully continues to expand by opening a new office in Burgas

Pontica is expanding its presence in Bulgaria as it has opened a fourth office in the country, this time in Burgas. In this way, the company is increasing the locations it is operating in - it already has two offices in Varna, one in Sofia, Burgas, and Krakow, Poland.

Apart from the number of locations, Pontica Solutions, which is currently the only fully Bulgarian company in the Outsourcing sector, gives the opportunity to 800 people to grow in 6 different industries. This fact, alongside the financial results, turns Pontica into one of the fastest growing and successful companies in this sector in Bulgaria.

‘’We chose Burgas because of the great potential of the talents in the city and the partner attitude from the local authorities, which create very suitable opportunities for the development of the innovative business. In Burgas there are prestigious schools, whose scholars possess the needed linguistic and technical skills to flourish successfully in the ‘’industry of knowledge’’ in which we operate. Currently, we are in active recruitment for teams for 2 of our clients and we believe, that by the end of this year we will have 100 people in Burgas.’’, comments Ivan Georgiev – Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Pontica Solutions.

‘’We have young and dynamic people from 30 nationalities working with us. We are actively developing the labor market and our industry can be categorized as the “biggest university in Bulgaria’’. We hire colleagues who have no experience, we train them, and we turn them into professionals with different expertise – from the support of technological platforms and processes to the analysis of data, to the development of innovative solutions, and in the field of human resources and finances. At Pontica Solutions we value every one of our colleagues and thanks to the care, investment in the people, and the good internal communication, we build trust and achieve synergy within the teams’’ added Evgeni Borisov – Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Pontica Solutions.

Pontica Solutions work with international companies from Europe, Asia, and America. The clients are in the Hi-Tech, FinTech, Game, HealthTech, Logistics and Retail industries. Pontica is continuously expanding its portfolio, and just recently won two new clients from the Games and FinTech sectors.

‘’I am very proud that Burgas attracted another innovative company. Pontica Solutions is impressing with its fast-paced growth, and I believe that in Burgas they will find the needed talents to continue their successful development. You can count on the support from our team on a local level, because with good partnership practices we position Burgas as a powerful regional center for outsourcing services!’’, said the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov.

The ambitious plans of Pontica Solutions include the global team to grow to up to 1000 people until the end of the year, and by 2023, the goal is to reach 1300 colleagues. New office openings are also planned both on a local and international level.
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