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HPE in partnership with Education Bulgaria 2030: “Energy! Inspiration! Pride! Delight!”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise aims to advance the way people live and work not only through its business objectives, but also through its active social responsibility. . Traditionally our company is part of various charity initiatives and supports numerous organizations which aim sustainable personal and social development for the people in Bulgaria.
An example of such initiative is the Academy for Bulgarian Schools Principles. For a second year in a row our dear partners from Education Bulgaria 2030 invited the Global Delivery Center of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Bulgaria to deliver several modules as part of this year’s academy edition.
For second consecutive year four HPE People Leaders shared their experience and knowledge with Principles from 35+ Bulgarian Schools. The topics we covered were Motivation, Feedback, Delegation and Conflict management. All those themes are very close to the heart of every leader. Therefore thorough all the sessions it was felt that HPE People Leaders and School Principles are sharing the same vibes, emotions, experiences.
The energy was there even though the sessions were virtual. Like for many other aspects 2020 thought us that we can be truly creative and when we want to achieve the goal of a good cause nothing is impossible. The Education Bulgaria 2030 Team came up with meaningful structure of series of online workshops and thanks to communication platform with Video and Sharing option it was almost like we were together in a room.
Every session was an hour and a half, and the time clearly wasn’t enough for all the discussions and questions that were raised. For each session the HPE People Leaders had prepared theoretical part, group practices and a presentation of a beneficial tool which they use for the topic.
The principles were from all over Bulgaria, big and small schools, state, and private ones. The HPE people leaders were from different parts of the business and with different management experience. Still, every shared story and every raised question sounded familiar, sounded close to the everyday life of all the leaders. The goals of the Academy were reached – bringing business experience into the world of education, having the business and the education shaking hands, to discover that after all, the difference is not that big, and those worlds are facing similar challenges.
After all the sessions the feedback from the principles was more than positive. They shared they liked the practices; they even want more time dedicated to that. They loved the shared personal experience and the tools presented to them. On the other hand, the HPE People Leaders said “Energy! Inspiration! Pride! Delight!”.
 Yes, the sessions were on Saturday, almost whole day for the principles and at least half a day for the HPE presenters and yet, all of them were absolutely aligned – it was worth the time!

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