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Survey results by HRS ‘Employers and employees: the two perspectives for work models'

The "Research & Consultancy" division of HRS Bulgaria's, shares that the team has been working on a market research survey on the topic of ‘Employers and employees: the two perspectives for work models' over the past few months.

Three years after the beginning of the lockdowns in Bulgaria, the labour market situation remains dynamic. The new work models, which were initially adopted out of necessity, have since evolved and are still widely used, mostly by outsourcing and technology companies.

The majority of employers in these areas use a hybrid work model, which allows employees to work partially from home and partially in an office. These employers also have the highest share of employees who only work remotely.

We thought it was time to evaluate how these models impact key factors that are significant to both employers and employees.

In order to help the discussion with a more objective and up-to-date perspective, HRS conducted a thorough market survey among employers and employees with the help of experts in the field of real estate - MBL. We anticipate that the findings will shed more light on the factors that underline various work models and how they affect the effective management of employees and business operations both within and outside the office.

About 260 employees and 80 employers participated in the survey, with over two-thirds in the Outsourcing and Information Technology sectors. Given the target group, it is not surprising that models allowing partial or full remote work predominate. Only 27% of employees and 33% of companies use office work entirely.

The following link will take you to a download page for the entire paper.

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