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Cushman & Wakefield Releases Focus Group and Survey Data from Industry Leaders on Post-Pandemic Workplace

Cushman & Wakefield released a report examining what industry leaders expect their future workplaces to look like in a post-pandemic environment following the anticipated successful distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination.
Key findings indicate:
·      The future is HYBRID, and 100% remote will be rare. We’ve seen hybrid cars, and hybrid schools, and data indicates hybrid work will now more than double, while “remote first” models will remain the same (approximately one-in-ten). Entirely remote structures will be the exception not the norm.
·      Real estate location priorities won’t change. Walkable submarkets in both urban and suburban setting will be more important than ever in a hybrid world where people are in the office less frequently and are looking for office surroundings to provide what they cannot get working remotely. 
·      Flexibility requires active management. Cushman & Wakefield research shows that without careful planning employees working remotely on a random or unmanaged schedule are increasingly unlikely to encounter one another.

To read the full report go to this link.
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