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The Foundation of TELUS International Bulgaria will choose new socially significant projects to fund

Any approved project of a civil organization can win a grant of up to BGN 15,000

In October, TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board Foundation invited foundations, associations, and other non-profit organizations to apply for funding of socially significant projects in support of local communities. The foundation funds projects focused on health care, education and the environment.

This year, the Community Board allocates a total of BGN 170,000 to the approved projects. The maximum amount of support for one project is BGN 15,000. The jury that evaluates the projects will meet on November 25.

 In April, the foundation's online meeting took place and the jury voted for socially significant projects to support local communities. The jury members selected 6 of them for funding with a total value of BGN 82,280. In the current application process, projects with a total value of BGN 87,720 will be funded.

Since its establishment in 2015, the Foundation of TELUS International Bulgaria has funded 145 projects, with a total value of over 1 million BGN. All details and application conditions can be found on its Internet page.
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