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Pontica Solutions' Co-Founder and CEO Evgeni Borisov discussing innovations at the annual Innovation Awards 2024

In the beginning of April, Evgeni Borisov took the stage at Innovation Awards 2024, organized by CCI France-Bulgarie to showcase the latest innovations in AI integrations in the BPO sector.

He captivated the audience with insights into the company's AI implementations, highlighting their transformative impact on business globally. Evgeni shared valuable insights into Pontica's approach to delivering top tier outsourcing solutions that drive business success and the company's commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.

The participation in the Innovation Awards 2024 provided an opportunity to demonstrate how Pontica leverages technology and expertise to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences by showcasing an example of the integration of AI to Pontica’s training department and how it helped exceed their colleagues’ performance.

As a leading provider of outsourcing solutions in Bulgaria, Pontica specializes in customer support, back-office operations, and technology-driven solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients fostering long-term partnerships. While their expertise extends combines human and AI, the company strategically integrates advanced technology solutions to optimize efficiency and deliver tangible benefits.
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