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SoftServe’s progress on sustainability: the insights from 2022 Sustainability Report

SoftServe has released its annual sustainability report for 2022 showcasing the company's strong dedication to corporate social responsibility. The report provides insights into SoftServe’s progress on sustainability in various CSR areas, and offers a comprehensive overview of the company’s development and response to the ongoing war in Ukraine.
“Despite the war and all the challenges that Ukraine and the world faced in 2022, we steadfastly followed our sustainable development trajectory and made progress in many areas. One of our key focuses last year was to support Ukraine, including our employees, while we continued to globalize and expand our positive impact to other locations,” says Mariia Kucherenko, Director of Corporate Reputation and CSR at SoftServe.
On the way to carbon-neutral business
As a part of the ten-year environmental strategy, SoftServe has been striving to reduce its emissions and carbon footprint. Direct greenhouse emissions (scope 1) were reduced by 43% in 2022, and indirect emissions (scope 2) by 46%. Also, the company conducted an external audit and received ISO 14001:2015 certification for a compliant Environmental Management System.
Equal career opportunities for women
In 2022, SoftServe remained dedicated to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEI efforts resulted in 36% of the company’s workforce being women. Moreover, the percentage of women in leadership and managerial positions has exceeded industry standards. SoftServe also collaborated with NGOs in Ukraine and Colombia to help more than 110 women begin their IT careers.
The company released a DEI policy and guidelines, as well as educational activities for recruiters and managers to help them build more diverse teams.
Reshaping well-being
The company has transformed the current mental well-being initiative into a company-wide program called “Dare to Care” not only to share best practices, but to provide managers, leaders, and associates with practical tools and tips for self-care. In total, 80+ events dedicated to well-being were organized for 13,000+ participants. According to Peakon, SoftServe's well-being and healthcare initiatives were assessed by associates and received a score of 78 points, indicating an improvement of 3 points compared to the previous year. This achievement places SoftServe in the top 5% of technology companies in terms of their performance in this area.
Better education for a better future
SoftServe resumed its university partnerships in 2022 after the pandemic-induced hiatus. The company expanded its programs to new locations and formed over 20 new partnerships, increasing its number of university partners to 84 across Ukraine, Mexico, Colombia, Poland, and Bulgaria. As part of its collaborations with universities, SoftServe developed dual education programs to help students become job-ready specialists. As of 2022, there were 1381 dual education students enrolled in six partnering universities in Ukraine.
SoftServe supporting Ukraine
In response to the ongoing war in Ukraine, SoftServe has made every effort to support its associates and their families and help the people of Ukraine. The company's corporate Open Eyes charity fund raised over $11.7 million to support Ukraine and its people. It provided vital humanitarian aid and other help to those in need. Additionally, the fund has delivered 42 ambulances and 52 medical evacuation vehicles to the frontlines as of the end of 2022.
SoftServe's crowdsourcing platform, Open Tech, has delivered 10 pro bono projects focused on helping Ukraine. These include creating a website for the Come Back Alive fund, which enabled donations of $135,427,159 for the Ukrainian Army, as well as developing an edutainment game with UNICEF Ukraine called NUMO that entertained 74,000 children in bomb shelters.
From the outset of the full-scale invasion, the company's top priority was to ensure the safety and well-being of its associates. This included providing financial, operational, informational, and psychological support, as well as ensuring business continuity. In total, the company relocated 5,675 Ukrainian associates and provided them with additional financial assistance. Additionally, over 1,750 people from Poland and Ukraine received free psychological support.
To learn more about SoftServe's efforts in developing IT communities, fostering IT education, and supporting volunteering and charity initiatives, go to the Sustainability Report 2022.
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