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Education for All: enabling the distance learning.

In 2020, we donated 610 refurbished IT equipment sets, equivalent to approx. BGN 159,000. Over 400 of the refurbished computers were in aid of hundreds of students in response to the lack of devices needed for distance learning in Bulgaria during the COVID-19 situation.
In order to ensure the uninterrupted education during the social isolation we focused on students from villages and small towns, reaching 24 schools and universities in: Sofia, Pavlikeni, Butan village, Gabare village; Brestnitsa village; Asenovtsi, Karadzhalovo, Kitanchevo, Zelena Morava village, Nikola Kozlevo, Golyamo Novo village and many others.

Thus, we became the biggest donor to the national campaign ‘Old technique for new beginning’, and supported the ‘Education for every child’ campaign (launched by UNICEF). The rest of the IT equipment was donated in support of the digitalization in Technical University Sofia, Union of Deaf Bulgaria and ‘For our children’ Foundation.
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