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The Global Delivery Center of HPE in Bulgaria & Sofia Pride - different people, equal rights

For another year in a row the Global Delivery Center of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Bulgaria actively contributed to Sofia Pride 2022. Together with the internal local resource group Young Employee Network, we are extremely proud and happy to be able to stand up for differences and inclusivity both inside and outside the workplace. We deeply believe that each one of us should have the same opportunities for development and fulfillment. That's why at HPE we strive for a work environment filled with respect and equality. By participating in Sofia Pride, we share our intransigence against discrimination of any kind and will continue to do so.

With a special concert, manifestation and tones of smiles on June 18, we celebrated the 15th anniversary edition of Pride. Together with the thousands of people we strove for a more colorful and happier world, devoid of prejudice and discrimination.
„The truth is it was real fun and I am happy that I was there to show HPE’s support for the cause. There was some very nice feedback we received during the event from random visitors of the stand." – with these words Sevim Rashidova described her participation as a unique experience.

We can't wait for the next editions and may the love win because we all have to accept ourselves as we are and bravely assert our dignity!
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