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DIGITALL talks about transforming security operations at Rethink! IT Security Summit

During the IT security conference in Berlin, DIGITALL presented its Managed Security Operations Center which provides companies with increased control and visibility over their security measures.

At this year's spring edition of the Rethink! IT Security Summit, held from March 17th to 19th in Berlin, DIGITALL showcased its expertise once again by highlighting cyber security solutions at its booth. DIGITALL’s Cyber Security team paid particular attention to the Managed Security Operations Center (SoC), which is tailored to assist companies seeking elevated control and visibility over their security measures.

The March edition of the Rethink! IT Security event, which takes place twice a year, went under the motto "Progressing Confidentiality. Strengthening Integrity. Improving Availability". The summit provides an exclusive platform for interactive discussions on advancements, challenges, trends and cutting-edge cyber security and IT technology. Over 300 CISOs and IT security decision-makers engage with top-class solution providers, exploring use cases, business examples, and practical discussions on topics such as cloud security, zero trust, incident response, security awareness, and cyber resilience. The event kicked off on the evening of March 17 with an icebreaker session featuring moderated roundtable discussions that encouraged participants to mingle and network.

On the first day of the Rethink! IT Summit, during the Tech Take dedicated to "Strategy & Security Awareness," Nico Werner, Vice President Cyber Security at DIGITALL, delivered a presentation titled "Managed SoC - Optimal Solutions for Cloud-based Architectures". There is no doubt that cyber security today is increasingly impacted by the complexity of technology, internal regulations, the need for expertise and the growing weight of governance and reporting requirements. Nico Werner addressed the challenges faced by security teams in deploying, maintaining, and operating multiple security technologies, often lacking the necessary expertise for effective implementation.

As part of a subscription, DIGITALL Managed SoC provides a team of experienced security experts who monitor a company’s IT network, devices, applications and data for known and evolving vulnerabilities, threats and risks. This service covers proactive threat detection, immediate incident response, and remediation. Monitoring takes place 24/7, which is often economically unfeasible for most companies to maintain independently.

By delivering this high level of automation and efficiency, Managed SoC offers benefits that go beyond relieving workloads and providing on-demand expertise. Even more valuable to organizations, it improves security intelligence and visibility, enabling more effective risk management, proactive risk mitigation strategies and regulatory compliance, enhancing overall security posture and maturity.

Explore DIGITALL’s Cyber Security portfolio for more information on Managed SoC and related topics.


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