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Ekaterina Nedialkova is the New Head of Experian Bulgaria

Ekaterina Nedialkova is the new Head of Experian Bulgaria Global Delivery Centre.
Ekaterina has more than 15 year of experience with international companies, 4 of them as part of the team of Experian Bulgaria, and was focused on business transformations and operational process improvement.
Ekaterina joined Experian in 2016 as a head of a key global program for the company “Continuous Improvement and improvement processes". In line with Experian's business strategy for better customer satisfaction and results, the program ensures that the working process is efficient and effective, with a focus on high productivity and quality. In the beginning of 2019 Ekaterina takes over to lead the program globally, for the four Experian’s strategic service centers – Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Chile and Malaysia.  In recent years, she has implemented a number of strategic projects and transformations that support business with innovation and automation, better structured processes and highly efficient teams.
Experian has been present in Bulgaria since 2004, and now the Bulgarian office is the largest center for the region of Europe, the Middle East and Africa with over 1000 employees. The company has many awards for best employer because of its many initiatives, partnerships and good employer practices, such as the flexible working hours program. Experian is in the top 5 of software companies in Bulgaria.
“The Bulgarian center is one of the main engines for the development of Experian's business. Our teams cover the entire cycle of product delivery - from software development, through big data analysis to their implementation by customers and support. My role will be to continue to build our relationships with business and the participation of the Bulgarian office in key projects. This will give additional opportunities and added value to the Bulgarian teams. Locally on the market Experian is an established leader and we will continue to impose good employer practices and to build on the development of young people in Bulgaria" said Ekaterina Nedyalkova.
Using the latest technology, Experian's vision is to continue to provide new solutions that meet customer needs, both globally and locally, helping local banks and financial institutions in their digital transformation process.
Experian's mission is to create a better future for consumers and businesses. By investing in new technologies, talented people and innovation, Experian helps each of its customers get the most out of every opportunity.

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