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The technology and consulting company has joined the Bring Women Back to Work program as a Hiring Partner in Germany.

Frankfurt, Germany - April 25, 2024

DIGITALL, a European technology and consulting company, is excited to announce its participation in the Bring Women Back to Work (BWBW) program as a Hiring Partner in Germany. Within this partnership, DIGITALL will provide support, resources, and opportunities for women who are looking to restart their careers after prolonged breaks.

BWBW was established in March 2020 with the aim of creating a platform that enables skilled women to return to the professional world, thereby contributing to a more balanced and innovative workforce. This initiative has been driving change across many European countries, unlocking the potential of women in the technology industry. More than just a re-entry program, BWBW empowers women to not only return to work but also to thrive in their workplace with confidence.

As a Hiring Partner of BWBW, DIGITALL offers various job opportunities for a career restart within the company, including flexible and remote working models along with other benefits. This partnership provides access to the BWBW Ecosystem and talent pool for DIGITALL, and for the BWBW’s participants, it opens the door to exciting new employment possibilities. As part of the BWBW program, DIGITALL will provide women with onboarding assistance, mentoring, coaching, and training aimed at reskilling and upskilling their knowledge and qualifications.

“We are thrilled to join the BWBW program and offer women a chance to restart their professional journey while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. At our company, they will receive comprehensive support and training, as well as the flexibility to choose when and where to work and create a schedule that suits their needs”, comments Christina Ferroni, Vice President of People and Culture at DIGITALL.

"Together with our partner DIGITALL, we are not just creating opportunities for women to return to work; we are building a movement for change.

By joining forces with DIGITALL, we can create a supportive ecosystem that empowers women to pursue their career aspirations and achieve their full potential", says Vanessa Gentile, founder and CEO of BWBW.

Employing over 1,300 employees across Europe, DIGITALL is committed to creating a work environment that values diversity, equity and inclusion. The company is also committed to encouraging the personal growth and well-being of its employees.


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About Bring Women Back to Work

The program Bring Women Back to Work was founded in March 2020 and established as a non-profit/non-governmental organisation in May 2023. It is headquartered in Switzerland. The aim of BWBW is to support, train, coach and mentor women who are on a career break and are willing to reskill and upskill in order to find a new role in the technology industry. For more information, please visit
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