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HPE Back to School Campaign

“Be Force for Good” is not just a bold statement, but a mission for everyone at HPE. Being always ambitious, we decided to strive for bigger impact by uniting the efforts of countries across Central Europe, Russia, Turkey and Africa (CERTA) into one campaign. After exploring several international non-governmental organizations, we found the right partner in the face of Red Cross organization. With their solid experience, reputation and readiness to coordinate activities in 8 countries they have won our trust. Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Tunisia and Kazakhstan have been covered by them and we also collaborated with Podari Zhizn in Russia and with Leo Charity in Turkey.

The Back to School campaign has been launched end of August with all team members communication. We encouraged everyone who is willing and able to buy and to send packages with school supplies (with predefined products by Red Cross) for the kids in need in the certain country. All contributions have been tracked and documented. As an outcome we’ve collected more than 350 packages which were then delivered by the local partner NGOs in each country to the kids they identified previously as being in need for such goods! All colleagues who supported the campaign shared positive feedback and gratitude for the positive emotions it brought across the geo! Here is what our Country HR Manager for Bulgaria and Tunisia - Maya Peycheva-Takeva shared:

“It was a great honor and pleasure to contribute to the HPE CERTA Back to School campaign. Knowing that only one pen from the school pack could help write the next chapter in one kid’s life, only one set of colorful pencils could help draw someone’s rainbow… This was one of the most fulfilling emotions of gratitude and impact I truly cherished!”
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