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Experian Bulgaria launches Machine Learning Talks

Experian Bulgaria starts Machine Learning Talks – a series of webinars hosted by the company’s data science and machine learning experts. The online events will occur twice per month and will be free of charge. The first two editions are planned for August 30th and September 13th, 2022.
The registration for the event on September 13th is open: The topic of the event is Model Bias Measurement of Ascent Intelligence Services.

With this initiative, Experian Bulgaria aims to share best practices, new ideas, and achievements in the machine learning field. The series is designed for people who have a machine learning background or who have a keen interest in the topic.

Experian is the world’s leading global information services company, operating across 43 countries. More than 20% of the analytics potential is located in Sofia. The analytics team consists of more than 120 consultants, engineers, and data modelers who create products and solutions through business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Machine Learning Talks series is part of the Experian Learning Hub, a platform for knowledge sharing and best practices. With it, Experian Bulgaria aims to share knowledge and to promote the information technology industry in Bulgaria among professionals and young talents. 
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