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Ingram Micro donations: Humanity in technology

COVID-19 gave us some important lessons and taught us to be more open-minded and care more about the others. How do they feel while working, communicating, laughing, or maybe even being scared in front of the computer?! In reality:

Today we all almost live IN our computers.
So, we at Ingram felt we need to share more. To give and help. That is why, having in mind all the uncertainties and challenges others might face, Ingram Micro as a company decided to donate. Donation has always been an integral part of our company’s DNA and we always do it with open hearts. This time, we chose to support the anti-COVID campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross on one hand, and the education of children with disadvantages on the other - Ingram is paying their yearly scholarship for university education. We believe it makes sense, and we want to be here for the others. So we donated and this makes us happy.
Yes, we work with technology.

We rely on technology to make our lives better.
However, technology is just a tool if we do not take a good enough care of the people. It is our people, who make the company prosper. And we care for them.
As we also care to support others in need!

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