Member updates

Recognizing people is great. Appreciating our people, while dealing with crisis is even greater.

2020 was strange for everyone. Everywhere. Anytime.
A historical, tough, change-welcoming year.
However, we at Ingram Micro once again proved that the core of our business is our people. They are the engine; they are the fuel of our progress.
We are extremely proud of their commendable efforts, energy, and long-term support.

In December 2020 we awarded 200 of our associates with a special award package and a crystal plaque. We recognized them for their 5th anniversary at the company. These are five exciting years of their lives they have chosen to spend with us. We are truly grateful for their loyalty and continuous dedication!

We start 2021 with hope.                                  
With pride.
With faith.
Business is about people.
We know it. We appreciate it.  

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