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Workshop: Inclusion, Incorporation and Diversity: Beyond Limits

The topic of inclusion, diversity, and inclusion (DEIB) is becoming increasingly important globally. Due to the dynamic business environment, organizations are realizing that these aspects are critical not only to creating a more equitable workplace but also to achieving business success.

By strategically managing diversity in the work environment, each business is enriched with different perspectives, ideas, and experiences, leading to more innovative solutions and improving the overall company climate.

Purposeful work towards inclusion, in turn, ensures that all people in the organisation feel valued and have equal opportunities for development and progression, contributing to higher engagement and talent retention.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging practices are becoming increasingly important for employers in Bulgaria as well. With more and more third-country workers and professionals entering the local labour market, the topic of Inclusion, Belonging & Diversity is on the agenda for many employers in the country.

In order to provide HR professionals and business leaders with practical tools to merge the business perspective with the legal framework, our partners from Assert International Bulgaria and Komarevski, Dimitrov & Partners developed their second joint specialized workshop on "Inclusion, Inclusion, and Diversity: Beyond Constraints".

They will cover aspects such as:

  • The effective inclusion and mainstreaming of diversity in organisations
  • Overcoming micro-aggressions and biases by creating allyship
  • Developing inclusive HR processes, from recruiting candidates to retaining motivated people
  • Identify and combat discrimination at all stages of the employment relationship
  • Administering employment relations and securing fringe benefits
  • Protecting against termination and dealing with workplace harassment
  • Maintaining fair and equitable management and compensation

Date: 15 March 2024, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Business Center GORA, Training hub, Sofia

The main objective of the workshop is to build a much-needed bridge between theory and practice through which employers can develop successful strategies for managing their people. The format is aimed at managers and specialists in the field of human capital development and management, team leaders, business owners, and other professionals involved in people management.

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Fee: 390 BGN (excluding VAT)

For a second participant from the same company, a 10% discount on the participation fee is provided.


  • Maria Stoeva, Director of Assert International Bulgaria and Sales and Business Development Director of Manpower Bulgaria
  • Ekaterina Tonova, Training and Development Project Manager at Assert International Bulgaria
  • Milesvala Bogdanova, a specialist in labor law and managing attorney at KDP (Komarevski Dimitrov & Partners)
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