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400 volunteers from TELUS International Europe will help nearly 1,000 people and their families in November

For the seventh year in a row, TELUS International Europe is launching the TELUS Days of Giving charity initiative, which traditionally involves employees of the company, along with their families and friends. The volunteer event, which usually takes place in one day and gathers about 1,000 volunteers in one place, will take place in a new format, in line with the restrictions imposed by the spread of COVID-19.
With great enthusiasm and initiative, more than 400 volunteers will join the campaign and will help nearly 1,000 people in need, including homeless people; children deprived of parental care; patients suffering from severe neurological diseases and children from disadvantaged families whose parents have lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 situation. The employees of TELUS International Europe in Bulgaria can choose among 6 projects. The actual work will start in the beginning of November, so that within a month the real help can reach those in need.
The activities of this year's edition of the initiative are fully in line with the epidemiological situation, and instead of a major event, the organizers have opted for smaller initiatives that can be supported by working from home. With the new format, the company aims to show that corporate volunteering can continue even in the current conditions in which we find ourselves.
The six volunteer projects in Bulgaria will be implemented mainly in Sofia, Plovdiv, and each project will be implemented in partnership with a non-governmental organization.
One of the initiatives "Knit it forward", launched by the "There is a way" foundation, aims to help approximately 750 homeless people providing them with knitted scarves and blankets to keep them warm on cold days.
Together with the “Dechitsa” Foundation, the volunteers will implement the “Backpack surprise” project, which will delight 65 children deprived of parental care, living in institutions. They will receive backpacks, gifts and clothes that will be personalized for them.
“Light for Life” Foundation will be supported by 2 projects. One of them, bearing the same name, provides assistance to 57 people suffering from severe neurological problems. People with such problems need special food that cannot always be obtained by the family. The work of the volunteers will consist in providing packages with the necessary food, tailored to the specific needs of each patient.
"Kids go shopping" is the second project in which employees will be involved, accompanying the children and helping them choose the necessary clothes, shoes or sports equipment. It will help 23 children whose close family members suffer from a neurological disease.
The project "For our children" of the eponymous foundation will support 50 children from disadvantaged families, who will receive food packages and necessary products for babies, covering the needs for about 3 months, again with the help of volunteers from the company.
"Animal Rescue - Sofia" will also be supported, as the volunteers of TELUS International Europe in Bulgaria will take the four-legged friends for a walk in the shelter. In addition, the company will donate 1 ton of food and other necessary products for breeding 50 small stray puppies in the shelter.

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