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Tek Experts wins Gold Award in Career Show Awards 2020

Tek Experts, a leading provider of first-class software and technical support services, recently announced the company won a gold award in Career Show Awards 2020, the leading awards for the best employers in Bulgaria. The awards are given annually to companies who have distinguished themselves by attaining the most remarkable achievements in the field of employer branding.

The company was awarded first place in the category ‘Employee Appraisal Strategy’ for its employee growth initiative called ‘Let’s Talk’. A total of 326 applications from employers in Bulgaria competed in various categories for a chance to win different awards.

The ‘Let's Talk’ initiative aims to support individual growth in Tek Experts, combining work goals, employee’s feedback, and comments with the aim of engendering career development for all employees.

The initiative was developed 2 years ago and had the ambition to introduce a different approach to performance evaluation and appraisal of employees, which can be adapted depending on the constantly changing expectations in the workplace. ‘Let's Talk’ encourages bilateral and open relationships in goal setting and overall evaluation on a yearly basis to achieve effective results for the company, as well as for the employees as individual professionals. Tek Experts organizes various types of introductory trainings to increase professional expertise and provides access to online training materials through its own proprietary training systems Tek Learning and Tek Space.

Speaking on the award and what it means to the business, Cath Rush, Global Head Manager and Leader Development, Tek Experts said “We are delighted to receive this award, as it puts the efforts of our teams and employees to share a common development vision that corresponds with the values of the company, in the spotlight.”

“Let’s Talk is our global performance development program and it was carefully designed to support the personal growth and development of all our people, which is a really important objective for us at Tek Experts. Through ‘Let’s Talk’, we are able to help our people to keep looking forward for continuous improvement and explore their career aspirations by having clear goals and frequent conversations. This in turn helps us to deliver great customer service.”
The ‘Let's Talk’ initiative is part of Tek Experts' overall employer brand strategy, which includes partnerships with educational institutions and other in-house career development programs, coaching, team building and top-level management programs.

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