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How Experian encourages volunteering in its team

An overview of the company’s Charity Christmas activities

Corporate social responsibility is an important part of every organization’s values. Experian
Bulgaria has a strong culture of social engagement. To encourage volunteering and easy
access for its employees to donate and help society, the company has an online platform that
consolidates all social impact activities in one place. Employees are encouraged to use it to find
volunteer opportunities and make donations. The company also provides three days of
volunteer leave to employees.

Experian Bulgaria’s CSR strategy is driven by the internal CSR Committee. This year, it
organized a Charity Christmas Day for the employees in collaboration with the internal Family
& Friends Committee.

25% of all employees joined the Charity Christmas Day, which consisted of a charity breakfast
and two workshops. Some of the participants dedicated their time and efforts to cook for the
breakfast and create beautiful decorations during the workshops, while others donated money
and enjoyed the good food.

Experian supported several Bulgarian organisations and their causes in support of children
in need by organising the Charity Christmas initiatives: Concordia Foundation, Psychomotor
Skills for Children, Dechitsa Foundation, Animal Rescue, Maria's World, and Buy a Gift from a Mother of a Child or an Adult with a Disability.

You can see some photos from the initiative in the gallery.
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