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MORE PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS: Alexandrina Gindeva, Director of Software Engineering at Experian Bulgaria for

In March, the business magazine published an article with Alexandrina Gindeva, Director of Software Engineering at Experian Bulgaria, under its heading “How does artificial intelligence change your business?”.

For BGlobal, Alexandrina comments about the growth and popularization of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), which undoubtedly is revolutionizing the world of technology. Over the past few months, the Experian approach to using this technology has been following two objectives: to maximize knowledge among the teams about the benefits of GenAI, and to help them use it according to the Security First principles.

For Alexandrina, at the moment, Experian managed to achieve good awareness among its teams about the technology thanks to intensive internal communication and knowledge sharing through various forums. Along with this, the company launched a large-scale training programme focused on creating key knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence.

In recent months, the strategy of Experian Bulgaria's largest product unit has focused on integrating all products into one platform to simplify the access of B2B customers to Experian products, and GenAI also plays a major role in this unified platform.

See the full article on (02) 2024 edition of the magazine.
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