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EY Europe Attractiveness Survey

A high number of companies plan to invest in Europe in 2023 because in a volatile and fast-changing environment, businesses know that standing still is not an option.

The results of the 22nd EY Europe Attractiveness Survey show that a paradigm shift is emerging today as investors’ priorities evolve, the interests of communities and policymakers shift, and global competition intensifies. The initial analysis of the results of the 22nd EY Europe Attractiveness Survey highlighted the extent to which FDI in Europe was affected by the shocks that hit the continent in 2022. The number of FDI projects announced grew just 1% between 2021 and 2022.

EY identified six priorities for Europe to reinforce business confidence and attract next-generation FDI:

  1. Refresh Europe’s appeal as the natural home of next-generation businesses.
  2. Reinforce support for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which remain the vulnerable fabric of Europe’s economy.
  3. Simultaneously strengthen Europe’s capabilities for developing technology and manufacturing in all sectors.
  4. Make the most of Europe’s leadership on climate change and accelerate on ESG.
  5. Develop next-generation talent and align skills with the vision of Europe’s future.
  6. Build confidence with a modernized tax and regulatory regime

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