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The Foundation of TELUS International Bulgaria will fund new seven socially significant projects

On November 25, the jury of the TELUS International Bulgarian Community Board met at the Center for Early Childhood Development in Sofia of the ‘For Our Children’ Foundation, who hosted the meeting. The members of the jury voted for seven socially significant projects in support of local communities, which the foundation will fund with a total of BGN 87,720. Within the framework of this year's second open call for applications, nearly 100 projects were submitted by civil organizations. Supported organizations and projects are:

The Deaf Kids Power Foundation
Project: Singing hands - baby sign language

Within the framework of the project, a complete structured system for baby sign language (baby sign) will be created, developed and distributed in Bulgaria. This will contribute to the early establishment of communication between children and parents.

Association Clean Struma
Project: Clean Banshtitsa River

The project offers a solution to increase the quality of the waters of the Banshtitsa River through a specially designed facility for capturing garbage at its source, which will also contribute to reducing the overall pollution flowing into the Struma River, with the active participation of volunteers and the local residents.

EMPROVE Foundation
Project: #EarlyRaiser chatbot: awakened for a life free of toxic relationships

Within the framework of the project, the creation of an easily accessible, interactive and rich database for the chatbot will be funded, which will become a trusted support channel for women who have experienced violence, as well as increase the level of awareness and prevention.

Association Sea Club 'Friends of the sea'
Project: It's fun. It's easy!

Within the project, dozens of children from the region of Varna, suffering from respiratory, musculoskeletal or cardiovascular diseases, spinal curvatures, flat feet and others, aged 10 to 15, will be supported. They will have the opportunity to improve their overall health condition, participating in a 10-month rehabilitation program using the deep therapy method (underwater therapy, diving).

Association 'For Kids - 2017'
Project: Crafts for my today and tomorrow

At the Center for Protected Employment "Garden of Inspiration" in the town of Bozhurishte, dozens of young people with special needs will have the opportunity to learn new work skills in pottery and weaving. The products made by the young people will be sold in charity bazaars, providing an additional opportunity for income and hope for a fulfilling and dignified life.

Life with Scoliosis Foundation
Project: ScoliHelp

The project will provide a new way of supporting nearly 200 children aged 9-16 diagnosed with scoliosis, as well as those who show symptoms but are neglected due to misunderstanding of the seriousness of the problem. Informational materials on the topic will be produced in plain language and distributed online for free.

Association for Shared Learning ELA
Project: Stop motion - group work to address violence in schools

The aim of the project is to minimize one of the main problems in dealing with school violence by increasing the preparedness of adults to manage conflicts - both among themselves and between children. Priority will be given to learning skills on how to deal with cyber-violence, as it is currently the most common form, and cases often remain unexamined and undocumented.

More details about the foundation's projects and activities can be found on its website. Within the framework of 2022, TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board Foundation distributed a total of BGN 170,000 among 13 projects, supporting over 100,000 people in Bulgaria. The next call for applications will be opened in early 2023.

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