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HPE contribution to the “Countering Domestic Violence: from Home to Workplace” conference

„The shared best practices of HPE focused on preventing violence at home and at the workplace have been truely appreciated by the audence. I believe that the shared experience and knowledge will be a wake up call for many employers and they will start investing in building awarness and action plans in their organizations as well.“
Kamelia Moncheva, Hewlett Packard Enterpirse, Manager, EMEA Delivery Readiness Team and Chair of the HPE Women at Work Bulgaria resource group The Global Delivery Center of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Bulgaria has been invited to contribute to the conference “Countering Domestic Violence: from Home to Workplace” which took place on January 23rd at the Home of Europe place. The event has been organized by the Center for the Study of Democracy, Institute of Public Administration и Demetra Association. During the conference were covered crucial themes such as the Bulgarian policy framework on preventing domestic violence, the latest legislation changes implemented in 2023, the enforcing of the law and the support of victims. From HPE side joined Kamelia Moncheva. Together with Manuela Popova, Director of BILITIS foundation and colonel Nevyana Miteva, Ministry of Defense, she took part in a pannel discussion „Domestic violence and gender stereotypes at the workplace“ which goals were to showcase the employers‘ best practices and strategies focused on supporting employees and their families.
Kamelia talked about the efforts that HPE Bulgaria invested during the last couple of years. Thanks to our successfull partnership with Emprove foundation which started in 2021, we have implemented a structured framework containing:
  • Anonymous discussions and awarnening sessions, open to all team members during which they receive valuable practical advices about how to react if they become a vicitm or withness violence.
  • Training sessions for people leaders how to recognize and react in case they notice potential victims in their teams.
So far the feedback from all employees who benefited from the program is extremely positive and colleagues highlight how valued is the support which they receive from HPE. This is enough evidence and reason for us to continue to be on top of latest news and to stay highly engaged.
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