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EPAM Bulgaria won first place in the category “Innovative Product / Service” and second place in the category “Event of the Year” from the b2b Media Awards

EPAM’s Model Bank Project was awarded as an innovative service that transforms bank and financial industries and elevates the customers’ experience. As customers’ lives become ever more digital, the need for next-generation digital banking experiences is vital. Banks are under pressure to provide a ubiquitous experience quicker than ever before. With EPAM’s mobile banking platform they can innovate to create next-generation banking products and features that exceed customer expectations. Built by our multidisciplinary team the project is a continuously evolving cloud-native proof of concept that demonstrates what’s possible in banking.

Drive-in Conf was chosen as one of the best events this year due to the fact it helps visitors to connect with more IT professionals in a pleasant and stimulating environment. The conference allows unlimited exchange of experience, useful practices, and ideas for growth and development. Drive-in Conf supports the growth and establishment of an IT community of specialists with a vision for the future in order to convey experience in an innovative way. Click here to learn more:

We are proud to share these accomplishments with you and our efforts to create a more digital future for our communities!
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