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Experian Bulgaria Received an Award for Its Corporate Social Responsibility

Experian Bulgaria has a long-standing policy for corporate social responsibility, and recently, it
was highly recognized! The company won an award for its overall CSR policy during the annual
national awards for social innovations, organized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Labor and Social

Experian won 3rd place in the ‘Society’ category for its efforts to encourage employees to
volunteer and donate, thus contributing to creating a better tomorrow for our society.

Ekaterina Nedialkova, GDC Bulgaria Operations Leader, and Anna Dineva, VP Global Projects
& Operational Changes in the Global Finance Center of Experian in Bulgaria and a sponsor of the internal CSR committee, received the award during a special awarding ceremony with ministry and business representatives.

Experian Bulgaria has a long CSR tradition and a strong company culture of social engagement
and environmental protection. The company’s internal CSR Committee was established 15
years ago and has since been actively organizing volunteer initiatives. For the last fiscal year,
Experian Bulgaria has conducted approximately 30 volunteer and donation initiatives and
registered 930 volunteer hours.
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