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Proxiad Supports Regional Chefs Cooking for the Medics on the Frontline

The development of the COVID spread has already impacted our everyday lives tremendously.  Restaurants have closed their doors, usual gatherings have been moved entirely online, e-commerce seems to have reached its peak. While for many оf us taking preventive measures is all we must do, healthcare workers are staying night and day, battling coronavirus from the front. Putting their own lives at risk with selfless determination for the sake of saving others, they truly are our heroes and the least we could do is appreciate their efforts.
This holiday season Proxiad had decided to join the HRC Culinary Academy in their mission to provide hot nutritious meal to medical staff from hospitals with COVID treatment. The company provided financial support to the academy which will be used in purchasing food products. This initiative is part of the Cooking for Cause campaign that originates since end of March where students and chef-instructors have worked hard to ensure warm lunch reaches residents every day. Now they are going to do the same for all medical heroes out there who are fighting against the virus.
„The academy has the needed professional equipment and with our talented chef-students we can manage to deliver 3 course meal to at least 200 medical personnel. However, our budget is limited and we need financial resources for food products. On behalf of the whole team I would like to express my gratitude towards Proxiad Bulgaria for believing in us and helping us proceed contributing by doing what we are best at-cooking. I am optimistic that the donated funds by the company will be sufficient to extend our initiative even in January”. – Yoana Mileva, Director at HRC Academy
By nature, the core of Proxiad Bulgaria’s CSR program is “Help by doing it!” where employees invest their personal time into charity activities. This is how the idea for handmade Xmas cards provided to medical staff was born. The initiative came from Maria Stoycheva, a Supplier Dedicated Specialist for SAP Ariba at Proxiad Bulgaria. Proxiad members will prepare around 200 cards that will be transported to the HRC Academy and will be included in their last meal delivery before the holidays.
“Our medics need support more than ever. We are safe at our homes while they are the ones risking their lives for us. I simply thought sending them holiday wishes is the least we can do to show our appreciation. I am thankful I work in an organization that encourages such initiatives!” – Maria Stoycheva, a Supplier Dedicated Specialist for SAP Ariba at Proxiad Bulgaria
Earlier this year Proxiad Bulgaria has participated in other charity initiatives helping fight the pandemic. The company joined WeCare Foundation cause and was prepared to provide highly qualified programmers and project managers and other industry specialists to work on the rapid creation of the national e-health system.
Joined forces with HRC, Proxiad hopes to support our frontline heroes- the healthcare workers. The fundraising campaign of the academy is still ongoing and every contribution no matter how small it is helps the charity to grow. You can learn more here:

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