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TTEC Named #7 on Virtual Vocations' Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2021

TTEC jumped from #13 to #7 by leading the shift to remote work with its innovative Humanify® Cloud @home platform
"The ranking highlights TTEC's commitment to providing remote opportunities to candidates during this pandemic and going forward," said Colleen Ritchie, senior vice president of operations at TTEC. "As businesses worldwide adapted to remote work, we leveraged over a decade of experience and succeeded in pivoting many clients to a remote model that kept workers safer and helped to bring about great customer experiences during this tumultuous time. Jumping from #13 to #7 reflects our continuing commitment to help clients maintain business continuity and set them up for future success in a remote environment. We are honored by the recognition from Virtual Vocations and we look forward to leading remote hiring in years to come."
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