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Drive-in Conf: Plovdiv

Start something new!

A month ago, EPAM Systems Bulgaria debuted in Plovdiv with its innovative social hub concept. The software company rents a co-working space for it employers, who would like to enjoy the atmosphere of the Kapana district.
On April 15th, the company took another step in Plovdiv with Drive-in Conf: Plovdiv. The conference happened as an open-air drive-in cinema with three amazing talks to start a new project from scratch.
The topics were
1. Samuil Aleksov, Chief Software Engineers, ‘Introduction to drone programming with DJI SDKs and Android’.
2. Radoslav Stankov, Head of Engineering, ‘React Native Architecture’.
3. Nayden Gochev, Co-Leader of the Bulgarian Java User Group, ‘Flutter for the non-believers’.
All the conference guests were able to enjoy an authentic cinema experience from the comfort and safety of their cars.
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