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TELUS International Europe in Bulgaria helped 1000 people in need

For the seventh consecutive year TELUS International Europe in Bulgaria organizes the volunteer initiative TELUS Days of Giving. For 2 months a total of 400 volunteers participated in 6 projects in partnership with 5 foundations. They helped 1,000 people, including homeless people; children deprived of parental care; patients suffering from severe neurological diseases and children from disadvantaged families whose parents have lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 situation. Recently, the support for the “Nashite nedonoseni detsa” Foundation was announced for the purchase of vital medical equipment for the neonatology wards in 7 hospitals in the country at a total value of over BGN 16,000.
In 2020, all project activities were fully compliant with the conditions of the pandemic, and volunteers from the company's offices in Sofia and Plovdiv had the opportunity to join the initiative even from their homes.
Shortly before mid-November, the initiative launched with two projects. "Kids go shopping" of the "Light for Life" Foundation delights a total of 23 children and young people aged 6 to 23 from families with a sick parent. Together with the volunteers from TELUS International in Bulgaria, they chose sportswear, shoes and accessories related to their hobbies and interests.
The team of Animal Rescue Sofia and the dogs in the shelter "Fermata" were also supported by the employees of the company, as some of them arrived specially from Plovdiv to walk the four-legged animals. Within the project "Happy dog. Happy life" TELUS International in Bulgaria donated 1 ton of food and diapers for the youngest puppies.
The “Light for Life” project of the foundation with the same name helped a total of 57 families whose members suffer from severe neurological disease. They received a total of 1 ton of durable food, which are fully compliant with their recommended diet. For this purpose, the volunteers unloaded, packed and personally delivered some of the packages to the families.
TELUS International in Bulgaria also supported the “For Our Children” Foundation in another project of the same name. A total of 50 socially disadvantaged families with children under the age of 7, whose parents lost their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis, were assisted. They received long-lasting food products to cover their needs for 2 to 3 months. Families with babies also received additional products for the little ones.
The final of the TELUS Days of Support initiative was set with two projects. The “Knit it forward" and Foundation "There's a Way" warmed 750 homeless people. They received knitted scarves, hats and magic squares that can be used as a blanket, vest, scarf and even a bag. All the necessary materials were provided by TELUS International in Bulgaria, and the volunteers made the accessories themselves.
The "Backpack surprise" project of the "Children" Foundation delights 65 children accommodated in social care centers and family-type homes in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo. They received backpacks with sports equipment and accessories, each of which was personalized by the volunteers depending on the personal interests and preferences of the children.

The company expanded the scope of the program by launching a donation campaign in, managed by the “Because” Foundation, in support of the partner foundations, as they were additionally supported with BGN 2,000 each.
You can find a video with the most emotional moments from TELUS Days of Giving HERE.

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