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HPE & Me in the classroom

The “HPE & Me in the Classroom” project started as part of an internal HPE Culture Catalyst program back in June 2020. The concept around which it was formed was to provide additional and inspirational education to students and people with special abilities. Being a force for good we use technology trying to make the world a better place. The isolation and the virtualization caused by the COVID-19 restrictions didn’t stop us but just provided new volunteering opportunities to deliver online trainings.

We kicked off with a virtual Quality Basics training for Jamba users. We’ve partnered with Jamba platform which connecting between people with diverse abilities and employers! It’s a place for education, internship and carrier. Thanks to everyone’s efforts and the secured live sign language interpretation, we received excellent!

Our second milestone was HPE Product Training that has been delivered twice for students from two Sofia schools - 125th Secondary School Boyan Penev and private Saint Naum School. This is a simplified and virtualized session showing in a fun and interactive way how HPE as-a-service model and products help people and devices to be connected around the world. Students took active participation and surprised us with how much they already know about technologies.
Another delivered training for 125th Secondary School Boyan Penev was Design Thinking and we have been told from the very beginning that the were so impatient for it! Honestly, so were we! The waiting was worth it and the session was very productive and beneficial for everyone!
Another quite large-scale project we are working on is the Foreign Language Support to socially disadvantaged children using the

Concordia social services. We organized and coordinated lessons for 10 children and young adults by assigning each of them to an HPE team member. Our goal is to help them to learn different languages – English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, German and Bulgarian. We are really proud of our volunteers who took the idea to heart and jumped right into this challenge which we believe will turn out to be a great joy ride for both our volunteers and the Concordia children. This is a long-term engagement with our long-term NGO partner Concordia.
We are constantly looking for new ideas on how we can use the vast knowledge and expertise of our HPE team members to support our communities in the face of students and disadvantaged children and adults.

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