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A Data Pro opens office in Burgas

Yesterday was the official opening of the company’s fifth office in the country.
The leading company in the field of knowledge-intensive services opened a new office in Burgas yesterday. The office will start with an initial capacity of 50 people. Besides the new location in Burgas, the company already has offices in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv and Vratsa. The office is located in the newly built Burgas Congress Center, which provides a lovely work atmosphere with an amazing sea view.

The official guests of the opening were A Data Pro CEO Ilia Krustev and Burgas Municipality Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

“We have chosen Burgas as our next office location because there are good policies towards the development of innovative business, sustainable technologies and business ecosystems here. Burgas is becoming more and more attractive for tech companies because of the established connection between the educational institutions in the city and the business ecosystem. We plan to continue hiring people in Burgas, while simultaneously providing the opportunity for our current employees to work from our new location. Even though most of our colleagues still work remotely, we believe in the need for a shared space to keep effective communication and teamwork”, commented A Data Pro CEO Ilia Krustev.

“Thank you, Mr Krustev, for keeping your word. You and the rest of the companies from the sector can always count on me to support you in your business development on a local level. This way we can continue to affirm Burgas as a preferred IT and Outsourcing industry centre”, said Burgas Municipality Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

About A Data Pro

A few weeks ago, the company was named SIIA Business Technology Product CODiE Award Finalist for Best Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Content Solution.
Also, at the end of 2020, A Data Pro was awarded the "Most Exemplary Employer" and "Business Sustainability in Crisis" awards by the International Business Awards and the AIBEST annual awards, respectively. A Data Pro is an international company, specialised in media and business analysis, as well as data and information processing.

The company was established in 1999 and currently has over 550 employees while actively looking for new ones, now also in Burgas. New positions are predominantly for IT specialists with experience with Python, Django, Scrappy and Elasticsearch, as well as analysts with English, German, French and Asian languages.

Why Burgas?

Burgas is currently attracting more and more investors and focusing on the development of new technologies. In line with this was the foundation of the Professional High School for Computer Programming and Innovation two years ago, as well as the presence of other IT academies and universities in the city. This environment fosters the qualification of specialists for some of the most sought-after market sectors. A Data Pro is set to be the next innovation company in Burgas, and it is excited to reinforce the foundation of a sustainable technology ecosystem in the city. 

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