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New European funding procedures

Industry companies are eligible for participation in two new European funding procedures. These procedures encompass:

1. "New Skills" Procedure

Objective: This procedure aims to provide grants to enterprises for the qualification, retraining, and acquisition of new skills for their employees. The goal is to enable companies to adapt to modern employer requirements.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Traders falling under the purview of the Trade Act or the Cooperatives Act.
  • A minimum of three completed financial years.
  • Enterprises categorized as micro, small, medium, or large.

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2. "Development of Innovations in Enterprises" Procedure

Under the Innovation Procedure, projects should contribute to the development of innovations aligned with ONE of the thematic areas of the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization 2021-2027:

  • "Information and ICT"
  • "Mechatronics and Microelectronics"
  • "Health Life, Bioeconomy, and Biotechnology Industry"
  • "New Technologies in the Creative and Recreation Industries"
  • "Clean Technologies, Circular, and Low-Carbon Economy"

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Miroslav Dzhunev /Senior Manager/
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